Hey, there!

Nice to meet you, I’m Radu.
And she is my better half, Nadia.

Friends tell me I'm the one always happy.

I strive to make the day better for the ones around me and to help them find their path.

Meeting new people makes me alive, just like visiting new places and experiencing what’s it like living there.

Originally, I am from Romania (a lovely country if you have the chance to visit it) and the place I call home is a lovely city in the North East of England filled with incredibly friendly people, called Newcastle Upon Tyne.

Currently, I am travelling around SE Asia for half a year - promise to post more about this magical experience. Keep an eye on Instagram.

In a few words, I like music, photography, travelling, learning and exploring. And using technology to solve interesting problems.

You’ll always find me tinkering with something, helping someone start a project or starting a new business myself.

These are some of the projects I’m part of:

I believe each one of us has an amazing story waiting to inspire others.

What’s your story?


PS: You can reach me here.